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A DevOps Engineer is one of the top earners in IT industry.

Upskill Yourself with one of the Hottest Technologies & Accelerate your career

FREE Devops
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date: 29 Nov 2023
Day:  Wednesday
Time: 4:30 - 6:00 PM

In this FREE DevOps Live Demo, You'll learn how to Deploy Zero Downtime Applications with Kubernetes

  • The exact process of Deploy Zero Downtime Applications with Kubernetes.

  • Topics to be covered: Kubernetes Introduction, Microservices, Auto-Healing, and Rolling Updates.

  • Easy to follow Hands-on Labs to build while you learn

  • Experience & Learn KubernetesOne of the Most Powerful & In-Demand DevOps Tools

  • Takeaways: Git Repo with code that you can use to build the mini-project yourself, presentation, and other docs.

  • BONUS: Get our secret bonus that will supercharge your learning and career.

Accelerate Your Career with this DevOps Live Demo

Demo Starts on 29th Nov, Wednesday at 4:30PM. Register Below

"This Cloud Train Webinar showed me how powerful DevOps is. I always considered DevOps needed coding knowledge. But, I was wrong and now I can deploy End-to-End Application with Terraform."

Yogesh Gaur

DevOps Engineer & Happy Cloud Trainee

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